Friday, May 7, 2021

Free Assistive Technologies to Use In School/Work and At Home

 Free Assistive Technologies to Use In School/Work and At Home

By Maura Baker

The phrase “assistive technology” can sound fancy, but it’s not as dramatic as some people may think. Assistive technologies are tools that can be used by people with disabilities to make everyday life easier, and they can be anything from wheelchairs to hearing aids to text to voice websites. Today, I’ll be sharing a few assistive technologies that are free and easy to obtain that may be helpful to people with learning differences. 

Text to Speech Websites

With text to speech websites, typically you can paste a piece of text into a box and have a voice read the text to you. These types of websites are usually free and super user friendly. One of my favorite sites is

Online Study Guides

These types of sites can be especially useful if you are a student. There are many online study sites that can help you, but one of my personal favorites is, because not only is it free, but it can also help you make flash cards, practice tests, and uses other interactive activities that are really useful for helping you study. 

Voice Typing

Voice typing is available on most platforms such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word. All you have to do is turn on your microphone and say what you want to write, and it will be written down for you. Here’s how to use voice typing on Microsoft and Google.

Online Calculators

There are lots of sites with calculators online. If you need to do simple calculations, you can simply type it into a search engine, but for more complex problems, can be helpful. It is an online calculator that lets you select certain subjects in math such as geometry, algebra and calculus. It gives you notes and tips on how to solve problems as well.

These are obviously just a few of the many, many online resources for people with learning differences. Hopefully, this list can be helpful and lessen your stress when it comes to studying and tasks you may need to do in every-day-life. 

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