Friday, May 21, 2021

Fun Ways to Keep Yourself and Your Brain Academically Sharp Over the Summer

 Fun Ways to Keep Yourself and Your Brain Sharp Over the Summer

By Maura Baker

Many people who have been in school or are in school now know that over the summer/break months, we don’t do much to keep our brains academically sharp. While this is expected, considering we want to take a break after a long school year of working hard, there are actually fun ways people can keep their brains sharp during the summer months. Here are a few examples.

1. Read

Reading to keep your brain sharp does not mean you have to read a textbook if you don’t want to; you can read anything from a fantasy novel to an autobiography to a sports magazine. Pick something to read that you like and will feel more exciting than like a chore. As long as you are reading, whether it be a physical or audio book, continuing to read over a break will make sure that you are used to reading when the school year comes back around. 

2. Journal/Write

Journaling about what you do over the summer can be fun and help you keep memories, but it can also keep you in a writer’s mindset. Even though you do not have to use an academic writing style when you journal, it can still improve your writing skills and help insure you don’t get out of practice over your break. 

3. Pick Up A New Hobby/Project

Having something to do such as a hobby over the summer can ensure that you are thinking critically and using your brain power. A hobby can be anything from knitting to stamp collecting to writing poetry to playing chess to playing a new sport, and does not necessarily have to be an ‘academic’ hobby to help keep your brain sharp. 

4. Find Something Interesting To You And Learn About It

Finding something interesting and learning more about it over the summer can keep you in that learning mindset for when the next school year comes, and it can also encourage good research habits and learning outside of the classroom. For example, if you think modern art is interesting and you want to learn more about it, do some research on modern art movements, modern artists and elements of modern art. You can even go to a modern art museum to take your learning experience to another level, especially if you are a multi-sensory learner. 

It’s important to remember that just because you are not in school does not mean you can’t learn, or that learning has to be boring! Find a way to continue learning during the summer and make it fun, which will definitely help you when you get back to school. 

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