Friday, October 22, 2021

The Importance of Extracurriculars

   The Importance of Extracurriculars 

By Maura Baker

Extracurricular activities are clubs and teams that students do outside of the classroom, such as playing sports, joining the school play or student council, or even volunteering. Participating in extracurriculars has many benefits, but if you have a learning difference and/or you find that academics are not really your cup of tea, then extracurriculars can be especially enjoyable.

For one, extracurriculars help students find new hobbies and interests. By being able to explore different clubs and sports, students can figure out more about their own likes and dislikes, and also expand on their skill set. Extracurriculars also relate to the theory of multiple intelligences, as some people find their strengths and smarts to be in areas practiced in these clubs and sports. For example, some people are more kinesthetically intelligent (e.g. soccer teams, basketball teams, dance teams, other sports and movement, etc) while others are more linguistically intelligent (e.g. writing clubs, debate teams, etc). While there are many types of intelligences and people are most often mixes of them, extracurriculars can help people tap into all forms of intelligence. 

Extracurriculars are often great socializing opportunities as well. Being able to interact with people who share interests can give students a sense of belonging and allow for students to create strong bonds with each other.

On a similar note, extracurriculars can also be a great source of education. Joining extracurriculars can teach leadership, teamwork and other life skills. People can also learn about the world around them from extracurriculars. For example, other cultures, literature, sciences, current issues, and so much more, depending on what the club is about.

Extracurriculars are often more rewarding than the actual school day for many people, so I definitely hope that people do have access to these types of activities, because they are extremely beneficial.

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